Philanthropy Space launches the Ghana National CSR Registry and the Aistiphi Gazette

  Starting in January 2021, a newly launched National CSR Registry Service will begin to officially collect, publish and preserve reports of CSR initiatives of companies in Ghana. The new CSR Registry will process CSR records and publish them online in real time in the Aistiphi Gazette. Philanthropy Space Corporation and AISTIPHI launched the National CSR Registry Service for Ghana, the first of its kind and a learning model for Africa. The new National CSR Registry will receive, verify and publish official reports of CSR initiatives in the Aistiphi Gazette in real time and make the records publicly accessible and shareable online.  Philanthropy Space will preserve all officially gazetted records permanently and make them available to future generations as legacies of corporate goodwill and generosity. Starting in January 2021, for the first time, the public will be able to access official information on CSR initiatives and projects undertaken by businesses in Ghana from one centralize

Philanthropy Space and AISTIPHI launch the Aistiphi Business League – official CSR community for Ghana

The new Aistiphi Business League community will enable the public to identify which businesses in Ghana are generous and socially responsible. It will also enable companies to distinguish their CSR Philanthropy credentials from those of their corporate peers .   Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 2, 2021  – The African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI) and Philanthropy Space Corporation launched the  Aistiphi Business League  (AiBLe), Africa’s first and model official CSR community of generous and socially responsible businesses and corporate in Ghana that have a proven commitment to invest back in communities.  The Aistiphi Business League - Ghana Corporate Community Model The Aistiphi Business League (AiBLe) community has  five-member class designations  that are categorized on the basis of the size, scope, depth, reach and complexity of members’ annual CSR Philanthropy programs. The member classes are Crystal Pride, Grand Rise, Star Royale, Legacy Gold and KENTE PRESTIGE. Businesses and

Philanthropy Space Model - Aistiphi Inc

      The Philanthropy Space™ Model - Aistiphi Inc. Philanthropy Space™ is a social enterprise pioneered by Aistiphi with Ghana as testing ground. In practice, Philanthropy Space is an experimental model of mobilizing local and grassroots philanthropy and community service. At an operational level, it comprises a set of institutional incentives and signalling devices designed to sustain and boost the philanthropic segments of corporate social responsibility. It is also designed to harness philanthropic potentials of nonprofits, community-based groups and local civil society. Big P vs Small p Philanthropy The Philanthropy Space Model stands in sharp contrast with mainstream understandings of philanthropy as it pertains in the U.S. and other rich western countries. In the latter, philanthropy is understood as big letter P Philanthropy. It has long been the world of the super-rich who give off some of their wealth to social causes - and in some cases to political